Velkopopovický Kozel Dark
Original advertising campaign

The darker the beer, the softer the beard


Destroy the stereotype that dark beer has a «heavy and bitter» taste and tell the audience about the true taste of the Velkopopovický Kozel dark beer.


Together with the RODNYA PR-studio, we developed an original advertising campaign — «The darker the beer, the softer the beard».

  • Event
Integration of Kozel Dark into the IV Russian Beards & Moustaches Championship. The branded nomination, The Soft Beard Cup, was added to the event. The softness of beards was estimated by virtue of gentle female hands.

  • Digital
At the event we announced the start of a scientific experiment. For this purpose we created a website, where bearded men shared their photos and received packages of Kozel Dark in the name of science.

  • Bloggers
The project was joined by bearded bloggers Danya Craster (SuperCrastan) and Mikhail Kshishtovsky. They conducted a series of tests to check beard softness, shot videos and uploaded it to their YouTube channels.


During the experiment, 3 000 000 people across Russia attempted to grow beards, and about 300 people entered the Soft Beard Cup finals.

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