Ballantine’s project digital support

Noize MC’s Hip-Hopera


Claim the new digital territory for Ballantine’s (hip-hop) and support the Moscow event.


Several agencies joined forces to create and implement a big music project headlined by Noize MC. The project closed with a spectacular hip-hop opera «Orpheus and Eurydice» that gathered 5000 guests.

  • Creative
Developing a contest with music from aspiring young artists, which received over 400 applications. The songs were uploaded to the project website where users voted for them. Based on the results, the jury selected the winner who performed in front of an audience of a thousand people on one stage with Noize MC.

  • Special project
The Afisha Daily website posted the contestants’ best songs, backstages and personal stories of actors from the show, and hosted a live stream of the hip-hopera.

  • SMM
Creating branded content: video, GIF, photos for Noize MC’s and Ballantine’s communities, project promotion in suitable communities.

  • Event
Live stream of the hip-hopera on the Afisha website, on the promo website and in Ballantine’s official communities in social media.


4 000 000+ branded reach.
78 000 visitors of the project website.
100 000+ viewers of the hip-hopera live stream.

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