Tele2 Gigabeats
Audio messages by other rules

A project where powerful bits and voices of users connected


– Image — to become «their» for a young audience (generation Z), to divide their interests: music, voices, communication.

– Support the Tele2 platform «Other rules».


Around the world audio messages are gaining popularity and becoming the new format of communication in instant messengers. Sometimes audio messages come out interesting, that I want to share them in social networks.

The project team could not ignore this trend — we created Tele2 Gigabeats in VKontakte, where with the help of a bot the familiar voice messages of users turned into tracks.

The project with a completely new functionality — the bot without delay reduces two audio files (track and voice) and immediately produces the finished result.


The activation of the bot took place at the link and began with the phrase
«Give me a bit», then the system offered several interaction options:

— The user sent an audio message, and the bot imposed a bit on it.

— Or listened to all the variants of the compositions, and then dictated the message to the beat you like.

To create beats attracted popular with the audience beatmaker — DJ Tactics.

Famous DJ and music producer, representative of the local hip-hop industry and Versus Battle. For the project, he wrote three compositions, different in style and mood: measured «Journey», old-school «Space pirate», driving «Dangerous microphone».

PR support for Tele2 Gigabeats in the appropriate community and media (music, lifestyle).


50 900 unique bot activations vs plan 41 282 (+ 23%)

68 900 number of audio tracks created vs plan 27 520 (+ 50%)

44 600 000 OTS PR vs plan 35 000 000 (+ 28%)

9 384 number of sent messages to the brand community on VK on the first day of the project (before launch, the average number of messages is
1 900 per day)

5 000 average number of messages for Tele2 VK per day during the project

62 618 messages to the brand after the release of the post in the Public Fast Food Music – a record number of hits in the entire history of the Tele2 group in VK

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