Olmeca Unexpected Merch
Digital collection of chromakey merch

Special masks on Instagram recognize bright color and instantly replace it with «unexpected» textures


To attract young audience attraction – people from 18 to 25, flexers; improve brand image – be relevant, actual and useful for them. 


To create a simple and relevant tool for young people which would fit brand's platform relating to spontaneous parties and report to audience insight: people want to post a lot of content during the party but they don’t want to be in the same clothes.

That decision was a chromakey collection of Unexpected merch collection.


We created special masks for Instagram – it recognize bright colors (now also black) of any wardrobe item and instantly replace it with unexpected textures. Due to this, the owners of the Merch Olmeca look different in all the photos.

Masks recognize all objects of a similar color: can make jeans with a carpet pattern, a glitter cup or a furry sky.


Real t-shirts of bright contrasting colors were made for the project (they served as a chromakey), in which you can take pictures and apply different patterns in the Olmeca style over the image.

T-shirts were played out on the Olmeca Instagram account or the brand’s public on VKontakte.


We sent an unexpected merch to the large Instagram influencers. They highly appreciated it and made posts, each in its own style. Examples:

– @nika_viper


– @mykhins



For three weeks of the project:

3 000 000+ reach in social network, bloggers & communities

208 553 people tested the Instagram mask

22 694 of those made at least 1 story on Instagram using our mask

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