Ballantine's SMM
Stay True. Stay Live.

Social media strategy development and implementation


Support Ballantine’s global mission — Stay True, and music territory in branded social media. Create a community with a larger audience including users from other regions and move away from the capital’s narrow techno segment.


Within the framework of the Ballantine’s Stay True philosophy we proposed and developed a strategy for branded social media (Facebook) — Stay Live. It included lively & dynamic content: gifs, 3D videos, 360 panoramas and online streams. Moreover, «the dynamic formats» are indexed by social media websites better.

Ballantine’s community in Facebook became the SM hub of all branded activities and the guide to the major events supported by the brand: Boiler Room, Present Perfect Festival etc.

  • RTM-posts
We quickly respond to news hooks and trends and highlight it. Examples:

  • Interactive posts
Contests with prizes including tickets to events, Ballantine’s bottles with custom occasional design and more:

  • Alternative post format
Photo reports from parties, event announcements:


Visual content of the Ballantine’s community was borrowed by other countries: Poland, Bolivia, Latvia, Bulgaria and Portugal.
360 000 monthly reach.

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