Focus on youth!

Developing a strategy and maintaining branded communities in social media


Integrate BIGBON into the lifestyle of modern youngsters by ensuring maximum affinity of common interests and beliefs. The main channel - social networks:

- VK (


BIGBON is a brand that fully shares the values of contemporary youth. Unlike adults, it understands the significance of young people’s passions and doesn’t consider their hobbies and pursuits «a waste of time».

We developed several types of posts to reinforce this concept. We also continue to look into our subscribers’ interests and diversify content on a regular basis.

Types of posts

Product posts – we talk about BIGBON flavors several times a month:

Gamer posts – reviews of new games, bonuses, contests (keys, codes for free download):

Interactive – users interact with the product:

Polls – in order to gain a better understanding of the audience and its interests:

Monthly contests – prizes are BIGBON products and other gifts:

Branded style

In order to create brand recognition and maintain one style in our posts, we use several techniques:

We pose as a youth brand, so we’re adding positive yellow to the austere black (main branded colour).

Supplementing posts with promotional product packages, increasing brand recognition and familiarising users with new offers.

Sustained styling of our posts makes it easy for consumers to recognise the product on the shelf at the points of sale.



4 000 – users joined the community
in a year, from 54 000 to 58 000 subscribers.

605 511 – impressions in a year (average amount).

0,55% — ER %, KPI — 0,5 %.


From 0 to 2873 – growth of the Instagram community in a year (2017-2018).

338 304 – impressions in a year (average amount).

3,46% – ER %, KPI — 1,4%.

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