Phenomenal classic got2b
Classic works from popular bloggers in the images of poets of the twentieth century

And other activations in the project for the new male styling got2b phenoMENal


Two flights of the project:

1. The goal of the first is to develop a communication that will tell about gentlemanhood, style, creating your own image with the participation of opinion leaders.

2. The second flight — the creation of simple involving mechanics for the audience.



We realized that modern hairstyles are created
based on old classic haircuts that writers wore many years ago. We made an analogy with the style of past years and decided to remind that being a gentleman is always in fashion.

  • Opinion leaders and videos
We attracted popular opinion leaders and video for their Instagram channels — bloggers recited excerpts from their favorite works in stylized images of great writers. For the project, we chose not just bloggers with a large number of subscribers, but also took into account external similarities with the poets.

The rollers integrated products got2b phenoMENal. The output of the project was timed to the holidays at the end of February and in March.


On March 8, Alexander Khomenko proclaimed Pushkin:

And on the eve of February 23, Yuri Nikolenko read Northerner:

Also a few more bloggers participated in the project.


We created a website where users could create poems in their names.

In a modern manner, understandable young audience and with the participation of 3 key bloggers (Khomenko, Halus and Nikolayenko). The possibility of sharing in the social network and the drawing of prizes.



2 672 051 reach of video posts at bloggers — project members, Instagram.

950 000 video views of bloggers, Instagram.


59 446 visitors of the project promo site.

12 315 number created by users rhymes (poems) on the site.

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