Ballantine’s TRUE MUSIC
The series of unique parties in the regions

Recipe for successful parties


- Continue building the image on the territory of TRUE MUSIC, while maximizing reach in the regions.

- Increase Ballantine’s brand market share.


During the campaigns in Moscow we noted avid attention of the regions to our parties: more than half of the people who left applications came from the regions.

So the brand has made a decision to enter the regions, strengthen its image there and influence sales. Вut how do we bring unique but scaleable stories to each city?

Idea – become the first alcohol brand to bring a series of unique TRUE MUSIC parties to the regions and create a digital-buzz around them.

  • Event
A series of events in the regions led by the star of the Russian techno scene Nikita Zabelin.

Each party is built on the recipe of the principle of TRUE MUSIC:

- Closed – you cannot buy a ticket for it, but you can receive an invitation from Ballantine’s.
- In line-up only electronic music in the brand.
- In every city, the headliner performs together with local and guest artists.

  • Livestream
Each party was streamed online. Users unable to get in the event could party at home, driven by the lineup and the spirit of TRUE MUSIC. They also had a chance to win music gifts from the brand by participating in the contest during the stream.

  • Digital buzz
In addition, we held contests in SMM that increased the buzz around the parties and engaged local audience in each city.

For example, we collaborated with bars, music and clothing stores in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, planting “stashes” with branded gifts and VIP-tickets to the parties. The first people to find the gifts could take it. Our partners were eager to announce the story on their channels all for free.

  • Trade
Consumers purchasing Ballantine’s bottles with neck hangers were directed to the website with a registration form and received guaranteed invitations to the TRUE MUSIC party.

People were also directed to the website with a registration form by table tents in partnering bars, where our brand ambassador provided genuine immersion in the brand.


The total coverage of the three waves of regional parties amounted to:

PR OTS 249 mln

DIGITAL OTS 36 mln & Reach 9,5 mln

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