Garnier ColorSensation #newcolours
Project using personalisation

For «VK» and «OK» social media websites


Increase knowledge about the brand Garnier ColorSensation among the target audience and tell about the new line of hair color products that came out in 2016.
There was also an obligatory condition to involve the brand ambassador and a Garnier expert, stylist Evgeniy Sedoy.


With Garnier ColorSensation your life will shine in new splendor of color and most importantly, so will you, amazing everyone around you!

In accordance to this idea we created a project with innovative mechanics — the use of personalized videos, which are the most motivating and engaging.

Participants received video recommendations from Evgeniy Sedoy in real time, while being at home by their computers.

  • SMM
While scrolling through the feed on VK and OK, young women encountered videos in which the stylist Evgeniy Sedoy addressed each of them personally by name and proposed them to bring change in their life and go through his individual online consultation on the project’s website.

  • Website
Women followed the link to the project’s website where they were shown a video in which the stylist was studying and commented on their social media profiles.

At this stage, users’ photos from social media were automatically integrated into the video. The stylist shared his opinion on a woman’s image, saved her best photos and left a like using his own account, which actually took place on the social page of the user.

  • Product integration
In the video, a girl is choosing colors that inspire her while the stylist offers the ColorSensation products that can grant the desired hair color and suggests that it would be even better to consult him personally.

In order to get an offline consultation, a participant was invited to share her personalized video and offer her friends to vote for her. The main prize was a personal consultation and a new image by Evgeniy Sedoy. Other finalists received fashion clothing certificates and a compliment from the stylist under a photo in their social profiles.


Thanks to the personalized video messages, all indicators performed better than after promoting general posts in social media:

25 000+ videos generated.
2400 participants in the contest.
64 000 website visits.

The project’s viral potential with its original creative and exclusive mechanics helped achieve more than 1800 shares in social media.

Total project KPI was overfilled 2 times!

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