Rock your head in got2b style!
Styling Boomerang-lessons from the singer Katya IOWA

Digital-project with integration of new products of got2b


To interest young  audience in the styling category and develop a bright 2017 campaign involving the celebrity.


Digital project where we were the first on the market who shot videos with products of got2b in the Boomerang format, which showed 5 styles. We also recorded tracks for each style.

Participants posted their photos in the Boomerang competition and won musical prizes!

  • Celebrity
Katya IOWA became the face of the project.
Her bright figure perfectly goes with the concept of the brand and the ideas of the campaign. Katya posted several posts about the project personally from herself (beyond the framework of the agreements) In social networks. This provided the project with even greater reach.

  • Video
We were the first on the market who shoot videos in the format Boomerang, which showed that with the styling got2b any image could be embodied without effort.

The videos were created for promotion, promoted content in social networks and for other advertising channels.

  • SMM
Contest participants recorded their «boomerangs» directly on the project site or uploud videos with a hashtag in Instagram. Such post automatically got on the site.

The project was so popular with the participants that they started sharing their videos not only on the project's website, but also in the personal accounts in VK – 1088 reposts and FB – 370 reposts.


300 000 website visitors.

220 participants.                                    

609 works passed moderation

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