Nexo Knights

Development of a competitive digital platform promoting the LEGO Nexo Knights universe


Build knowledge about the new launch and engage children into the new LEGO NEXO Knights game universe.


Development of a competitive digital platform — «LEGO Nexo Knights Academy», adapted for 18 European countries.
  • Web platform
It was one of the most complex websites we built in 2015. It hosted 15 minigames, tests and assignments, all of which were working on the brand’s various marketing tasks.

  • Games
Arcades and puzzles about the NEXO universe. Knowledge of the animated series was essential to giving the correct answers. In this fashion we have also integrated the existing LEGO content into our platform.

  • Media
Developing announcements – YouTube pre-roll videos, banners for the LEGO production website and the kids’ platforms, a page for the Cartoon Networks TV channel (which was airing Nexo Knights).


1 145 000 games played on the digital platform in 18 countries.
32 213 users entered the Academy.
13 000 + hours spent on the website by Russian children.

LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS sets have reached the 3rd place by popularity in Russia among the other product lines of the brand!

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