Dream Mugs
Digital project for Jacobs

Using a neural network algorithm


Support Jacobs’ «Dream with your eyes open» territory in digital.


A project where anyone could create a mug with their cherished dream and win it! We used the neural network algorithm technology for the «dream generator» module.

  • Website
On the promo website, users could write their dream on a mug using beautiful fonts or select a dream from the cloud (dreams were prepared in advance).

As soon as a person wrote his dream, smoke with imaging appeared on top of the mug: love was represented with a heart etc.

  • Promo mechanics
It was mandatory to share the mug in social media and upload a photo of a Jacobs pack to the website.

50 mugs with dreams were given away daily!

  • Neural network algorithm
For maximum variability, we created a dream generator.

It was very simple to use, but behind the scenes many dreams were being split up and mixed together, while staying well-defined and entertaining.

  • Media
Creative and banner design.


The project involved users from various cities of Russia:

653 502 visitors of the website
72 182 mugs created
33 332 users shared their mugs in social media

Target audience hit – 58% of participants aged 18-34.

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