Tele2 Mobile Open Cup 2019
ESports by other rules

The first mobile tournament by Tele2 with the three most popular games on esports arena


Dismantle the stereotype that says you need «top gear hardware» to be a real esports gamer. To become a qualified member of Tele2 Mobile Cup, one would only need a smartphone and fast mobile internet.


Tele2 supports and develops esports initiatives – in March 2019, it became the first company on Russian market to launch the sophisticated Cyberhero platform:

The brand then decided to go even further: in June it launched a mobile esports platform and a tournament – Tele2 Mobile Open Cup with three categories of PUBG Mobile, Hearthstone and Clash Royale, the most popular games in mobile gaming.
That was the first major PUBG Mobile tournament in Russia.

I STAGE • ONLINE, Preliminaries

Mobile tournament announcement and registration of participants on the Cyberhero platform from June 1. We engaged relevant streamers to tell about the tournament, and they stayed to become the hosts of the offline finals in Moscow: Pasha Dizel, Pavel Shampanov, Gnumme, iLame, Vanco Vanco, makataO.

June 21 marked the start of preliminaries in all categories. Up until the play-offs, everything was happening online, and from the 1/8 finals it was supported by streams on Cyberhero, Twitch, VKontakte andYouTube.


On 13th and 14th of July, 80 esports finalists gathered at Geek Picnic in Moscow to compete for the tournament prize pool – 1 200 000 rubles.

At the special Tele2 area, esports fans watched online broadcasts of all the final matches, participated in branded activations, cheered for their favourites and talked with famous gamers.


3 631 tournament participants in three categories vs planned 2400
80 best players in offline finals
324 297 views of the finals broadcast (2 days) on platforms: VKontakte, YouTube, vs planned 200 000

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