Kinder Chocolate «Dream together»
Integrated competitive project

The grand prize — making a child’s dream come true


Develop the Big Idea for Kinder® Chocolate communication campaign in 2015, implement it and achieve the campaign’s wide reach on the web.


Development of the integrated competitive project «Dream together» with the main prize — making a child’s dream come true.

  • Digital
A contest and a promo on the official Kinder® Chocolate website, where parents shared their children’s dreams and scored points for it.

  • Promo
Creation of a special Kinder Chocolate pack design and a promotional codes database for participation in the contest.
  • Bloggers
Engaging celebrities as expert-mothers for the jury: the host — Irena Ponaroshku; artists; writers and others.

  •  Video
Filming four videos for different stages of the project.

Announcement with Irena Ponaroshku, in which she fulfills her son’s dream:

Promo tag for TV:

Inforgaphic video with the most popular childhood dreams:

The final video — the fulfillment of the project winner’s dream:


We learned about the dreams of more than 6000 children from various corners of Russia.
25 000+ unique sign-ups on the project’s website.
233 finalists.
36 602 activated promo codes.

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