KIA & 2017 Confederations Cup
Branded digital platform with activations

Project supporting KIA Confederations Cup sponsorship


Developing a competitive project with various activations to engage users in the promo campaign and building a website within the shortest time.


In order to engage users in the project and tell them about KIA support of the 2017 Confederations Cup in the shortest time (2 weeks), we developed a digital platform with 3 activations and original football prizes.
The key activation was a contest for young football players — «Young referee».

  • Activations on the website
I. “Young referee”.
Users posted photos of their children who loved football in VK and FB and added tags:: #kiaOMBC #YoungReferee2017. The photos were uploaded to the project website. According to the contest results, the jury selected 11 children who went to the Confederations Cup games in order to ceremonially hand over the official footballs to the teams before the games.

II. «Fortune’s Test-drive».

III. «Forecast Race».

  • Media promotion
Promo posts in social media, posts in relevant communities and online magazines for each activation.


«Young referee»
657 participants — overfulfilment of KPI by 219%.
13 345 220 promo post impressions.

«Fortune’s Test-drive» — 10 402 participants.
«Forecast Race» — 6,9 % conversion of users into participants (plan — 4%).

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